Woman Mistakes Stick of Dynamite for Candle

I'm not sure I should have to tell you this, but . . . um . . . maybe don't just have random sticks of dynamite lying around your house.

There was a power outage in Bridgeport, Connecticut on Thursday night after some severe thunderstorms.

And a 30-year-old woman went to light a candle. But it turned out to be a STICK OF DYNAMITE . . . and it EXPLODED in her hands. She suffered some severe injuries, including blowing off several of her fingers.

So the big question is: Why were there sticks of dynamite in her house?

Apparently she and her husband bought the place a few years ago, and the old owners left them behind.

So when the power went out on Thursday, and they didn't have any other candles, they remembered the ones they saw in the basement . . . which were actually sticks of dynamite.

(NBC 30 - Hartford)

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