Four Wardrobe-Related Conditions

Someone posted a list of four wardrobe-related MENTAL conditions that usually aren't serious. But they could be dictating how you dress, and you might not even realize it . . .

1. "Polychromatic anguish syndrome," where you're not confident about which colors go together. So you mostly stick with basics, like black, white, grey, navy, and beige.

2. "Repetitious wardrobe complex," where you wear the SAME clothes all the time. A lot of us have a favorite outfit we like to wear out. And there's nothing wrong with that . . . until people notice you're always wearing the same thing in every photo.

3. "Mood illustration," where the outfit you choose demonstrates how you're feeling inside. Like if you're depressed, you might wear ratty jeans and an old worn-out sweater. And it's all subconscious, so you don't even realize you're doing it.

4. "Mood enhancement." It's kind of the opposite of mood illustration. You wear certain clothes to make yourself feel better. And you might overdo it when you're really feeling bad about yourself.

(Daily Mail)

Photo:  Getty Images

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