Downtown Northport Getting Ready for Construction

Looks like the city of Northport is getting ready for some renovations in downtown thanks to a federal grant for improvements on Main Avenue in the city’s historic downtown.

It is estimated that the project will cost a total of $742,000. With the grant, Northport will receive $594,000 and the city will provide a $148,000 match.

Construction will be done in two phases. The first one will be from 4th St. to the First Street intersection. The second phase will continue along First Street to the intersection with Bridge Avenue.

All the funds will be administered through the Alabama Department of Transportation from the Transportation Alternatives Program.

“This is huge for us. Especially in terms of the budget,” Councilman Rodney Sullivan said. “That is something that we have all been wanting.”

So get ready MORE road construction is on the way.

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