Hire Intimidating "Uncles"

There's a new anti-bullying service that's being offered in South Korea . . . and I'm thinking it couldn't make the jump over here, since it would get hit with like 157 lawsuits the first time anyone used it. But it's still a hell of an idea.

It's called the "Uncle Service." Parents can hire intimidating dudes to pose as uncles for their kids . . . to help protect them from bullies. And there are three packages . . .

1. The evidence package, where a fake uncle secretly films the kid getting bullied, then turns over those tapes to the school and tells them they'd better do something about it or he'll go to the school board. That costs $350-a-day.

2. The uncle package, where the guy walks a kid to and from school and gives a, quote, "stern warning" to his bullies. That costs $440-a-day.

3. And the chaperone package, where the fake uncle goes to wherever the bully's parents work, confronts them, and protests in front of their building yelling, "A parent of a bully works here." That costs $1,770 for four visits.

And once again, it's interesting, but WOULD NOT work in our litigious culture . . . which has a huge problem with strange men showing up at schools, especially to threaten children. So do not try to start this business in America. 

(All Kpop)

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