Want an Arby's Tattoo?

It would send the world an interesting message to turn your body into a permanent advertisement for America's most mocked fast food chain.

Arby's just announced they're going to be giving people FREE ARBY'S TATTOOS on Saturday. Not temporary tattoos. Real ones.

But there's a big catch. They're only doing it at a tattoo shop in Long Beach, California . . . although I suppose if it's a big hit they might do it in other cities too.

People can choose from 15 different Arby's designs, including things like an eagle behind a pack of curly fries . . . an open packet of Arby's sauce . . . and a dagger going through a roast beef sandwich with the slogan "We have the meats."

For what it's worth, the designs were created by a legit tattoo artist, so they actually look pretty good. But still.

And, if you're wondering if getting one of these tattoos means, say, free roast beef sandwiches for life, the answer is . . . NO. You'd literally just be getting an Arby's tattoo for the sake of having an Arby's tattoo. 


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