Woman Lost $35,000 She'd Hidden in the Freezer

This woman wouldn't be in crisis mode if only she stored her money like a normal person: Hidden inside the mattress or buried in the backyard.

Renee Reese of Thornton, Colorado says she stored her life savings of $35,000 inside her FREEZER. She put it in Ziploc bags wrapped in paper towels, so it would blend in.

Her theory was if her house ever burned down, the cash would stay safe in the freezer.

But here's where things get EXTRA strange. Apparently Renee returned the freezer to Costco in June . . . and FORGOT she'd hidden the cash inside.

And by the time she realized she'd given Costco the freezer plus $35,000, it was too late. She opened a claim with them, but they haven't found the cash, and so far all they'll say is that they're looking into it.

(ABC 7 - Denver)

Photo:  Getty Images

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