Six Flags Contest with Coffin

Would you face your fear of being buried alive AND your own mortality to win a contest? Especially a contest with so-so prizes? 

Six Flags St. Louis is promoting the 30th anniversary of their Halloween Fright Fest this year with a contest. Six people will spend 30 HOURS in a coffin next month, and whoever makes it through will win some prizes. 

Those prizes are: A whopping $300 . . . and two season passes, worth a total of $114. And if more than one person makes it, they'll do a random drawing for the $300. That's right: They won't even give everyone the $300. 

Of course, when a public company holds a "get in a coffin" contest, there are going to be a LOT of little rules to make it easier on the contestants. 

The contestants will be able to get out of the coffin for six minutes every hour for bathroom breaks and walking around . . . they can have their phones in the coffins with them and charge during breaks . . . and they can have friends hang out during the day.So . . . yeah. It's a sorta lame contest with sorta lame prizes. Happy Halloween! 

(Six Flags / Daily Mail)

Photo:  Getty Images

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