10-Year-Old Called 911 For Trouble with Homework

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I'm pretty sure that back when I was in elementary school and I was trying to do long division, I needed EMERGENCY HELP too.

The police in Fort Collins, Colorado released a 911 recording a few days ago when a 10-year-old kid called up for help with his math homework.

He told the dispatcher he was struggling with 3,052 divided by 71. And . . . the dispatcher actually HELPED HIM. But he used a calculator, because he admitted he couldn't do long division either.

The answer was 42.98, the kid said thanks, and they hung up.

But even though it was a cool moment, the police HAD to issue a statement reminding people only to call 911 with real emergencies.

(UPI / Facebook)

9-1-1 Math

🔊Volume Up!🔊 From an early age, kids are taught to call police if they need help. This particular problem wasn't the kind we typically handle, but we're glad Dispatch was able to help solve it. Disclaimer: Not all dispatchers are as skilled in math and/or readily equipped with calculators as Dispatcher Chris. Please only call 911 for emergencies. You can call us at 970-419-FCPD for non-emergencies, though it should be noted that FCPD is not responsible for incorrect homework answers. If you or your child believe you need police assistance with an assignment, please contact your School Resource Officer during school hours. They love talking to their students about pretty much anything.

Posted by Fort Collins Police Services on Tuesday, September 25, 2018


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