Someone Called 911 Over Early Halloween Decoration

People are starting to put up their Halloween decorations, and you know what that means . . . people confusing them for actual MURDER SCENES and calling the cops. And here's the first one of the season.

A woman named Becky Muhs in West Fargo, North Dakota put up her first Halloween decoration last weekend: She used fake blood to write the words "HELP ME" and a put a handprint on her window.

And you can probably see why that might freak someone out. One, it's still September, so people aren't in the Halloween mindset yet . . . and two, there weren't any inflatable ghosts or anything to give a clue that the message was part of a Halloween display.

And it DID freak someone out. Within a matter of HOURS, one of Becky's neighbors called 911 because they thought somebody inside the house might really need help.

The cops came and they cleared things up, but they aren't making Becky get rid of the message. 

(ABC 6 - Fargo)

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