Someone Bet $1,600 on Alabama, to Win Less Than $2

I'm not sure if this guy is just an insane super fan or the world's worst gambler . . . but damn. 

On Saturday, the University of Alabama was playing the University of Louisiana-Lafayette in college football. Alabama was a minus-99,000 favorite to win, which is about as skewed of a line as you'll ever see. 

But someone at a sportsbook in Vegas actually put a $1,579 bet on Alabama to win. 

And how much did he earn when they won? $1.60. That's right: He risked $1,579 to win less than $2.

But since he won his $1.60 . . . and, more importantly, he also got his $1,579 back . . . I guess it worked out for him?


Photo:  Getty Images

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