If We Had Three-Day Weekends...

I'm not sure your boss is going to go for this, but maybe it's worth a shot? The big key to you becoming a better, more productive, and happier employee is . . . Fridays off every single week. 

There's an economist at the University of Oxford in England named Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, and he says that studies show that we'd all be better workers if we always had three-day weekends. 

Quote, "I would argue the four-day work week is spot on in striking that right balance between improving the work-life balance and unlocking . . . productivity gains. This outweighs the net reduction in productivity from working a day less." 

In other words, you'll get more done in four days than you do in five . . . if you can start spending that fifth day doing anything BUT working.

(Business Insider)

Photo:  Getty Images

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