Text Tim McGraw, He'll Sort of Text You Back

TIM MCGRAW is still posting odd things on social media to get our attention. First there was his "I Need Jesus Or I Need Whiskey" post. 

Then yesterday he put up this phone number: 615-205-5687 . . . and captioned it, "I'll text you back." 

No, that's not his personal number, it's part of an automated service. If you call the number, it says the mailbox is full, but then you get an automated response. 

The message says, quote, "Hey it's Tim, this is an autotext to let you know I got your text, everything else will be coming directly from me or my team. I've got some pretty cool things happening this week, so make sure you add yourself to my phone to stay in touch." No word yet on what he's promoting.

(Pop Culture)

Photo:  Getty Images

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