Google Is Killing Off Google Plus Social Network

Back in 2011, Google launched its social network Google Plus, begging the question: Do people want or need another social network that isn't really any different than all the other social networks?

And today, seven years later, the answer is officially . . . NO.

Google just announced it's officially killing off Google Plus next August.

So if you have any important stuff on there, you have about a year to download it . . . but, realistically, you don't. No one does.

And that's why Google Plus is now getting killed off . . . it never really caught on and basically NO ONE uses it. But it's still kind of a surprise to see it die considering how HARD Google pushed it when it launched.

One more note: It's probably a good thing you didn't have any info on there, because Google ALSO made another announcement yesterday . . . a, quote, "bug" left hundreds of thousands of Google Plus users' info exposed for years.


Photo:  Getty Images

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