Justin Moore Was Salutatorian in his High School

Here's something you may not know about JUSTIN MOORE. He was one of the smartest students in his high school graduating class. In fact, he was the salutatorian, which is the second smartest.

He actually enjoyed school and did so well that he always figured he'd go to college and get a degree. He also played music a lot and his parents noticed he had some talent . . . so they encouraged him to move to Nashville.

Quote, "Unlike most parents, my parents said, 'If you wanna do [music], go chase this. You can always go back to school.' It's typically the opposite of that. And so, I owe them a lot, obviously. Understatement of the century.

"For them to give me that opportunity. My dad got an extra job to help me pay bills in Nashville when I couldn't do it on my own."

Photo:  Getty Images

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