New Reality TV Show "M.D. Live"

When you feel like something is medically wrong with you, they always say the last thing you should do is Google your symptoms. But maybe this is worse:

TNT is working on a new reality show where a studio audience will help diagnose people's illnesses. On live TV.

The show is called "M.D. Live", and it'll have a panel of LEGIT medical professionals trying to diagnose actual patients. But they'll also ask the live audience for feedback, solutions, and support.

We're not just talking hangnails and rashes here. The patients will be dealing with legit issues . . . which can in some cases be LIFE-THREATENING.

So TNT says they'll have, quote, "a top bio-ethicist to ensure the medical team is able to provide the best patient-forward support."

(The Wrap)

Photo:  Getty Images

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