People Donated Over $37,000 to Help Kid See the World

A 15-year-old kid in Chicago named Josh Bangert recently noticed the vision in his left eye was a little blurry, and thought he just needed glasses. But last month, he was diagnosed with something called "Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy."

It means he's going BLIND, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. There's no surgery or medication for it. And he could lose his vision by the end of the YEAR.

Obviously he was devastated. But he's been coming to terms with it, and says his faith has been a big help. And now he's on a mission to see as much as possible while he still can.

He made a bucket list of all the stuff he'd like to see before his vision goes . . . stuff like Niagara Falls and seeing a live NBA game.

And now hundreds of random people online are making it happen . . . by stepping up and donating over $37,000 to help him see whatever he wants to see while he still can.

He doesn't know how much time he has, so he's already started. He had front-row seats to a Bulls game last week, and got to water ski for the first time. And last Friday, he flew to California to go see the mountains and the ocean.

Any leftover money is going toward medical expenses and research. If you'd like to donate, just search for "Help Josh See His Bucket List" on 

(Chicago Tribune)

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