American Cheese Is Dying

Here's something ELSE to add to the never-ending list of "things millennials have killed." The latest thing those damn millennial serial killers have taken out is . . . American cheese.

Yeah, believe it or not, people have fallen out of love with a cheese that's bright orange, stuffed with preservatives, and created in a lab.

American cheese sales are projected to go down another 1.6% this year, which will be the fourth straight year that they drop. And the average price is down below $4-a-pound for the first time since 2011.

Even the fast food restaurants are giving up on it. Wendy's is now offering asiago. Panera Bread took it out of its grilled cheese. Even McDonald's is using a version of American cheese that doesn't have any artificial preservatives.

So what's changed? First of all, people . . . especially millennials . . . are moving away from processed foods, and American cheese is one of the MOST processed.

And second, fancier and better cheeses are now WAY more available than they used to be, and the prices are decent . . . so people are gravitating toward those. 


Photo:  Getty Images

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