City Council Candidate May Drop Out Because...

Not all politicians are creepy dudes. There are ALSO politicians out there who make good money selling stuff to creepy dudes.

A woman named Deborah Reno is running for city council in Evanston, Wyoming. But she may drop out of the race now that her secret identity has been discovered.

It turns out she has a side job where she does online stripteases under the name Mystee Crockett . . . and sells her USED UNDERWEAR and gym shorts to guys who have a fetish for that kind of stuff.

Now that the info is out, Deborah says she's been doing it for about a year, and it was a, quote, "interesting experience," but, quote, "an error in judgment," and, quote, "If you want to run for public office, probably not a good idea."

The guy she's running against is named Mikal Welling, and he rushed to claim the moral high ground so fast he probably sprained something. He said what Deborah is doing is, quote, "So against my own personal moral code and standards." 

(CBS 2 - Salt Lake City)

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