Kid Sells Pumpkins for Service Dog

There's a six-year-old kid in western Michigan named Ian Unger who has type-1 diabetes. So his parents constantly have to monitor his insulin levels. And they've been looking into getting him a service dog to help.

Dogs can be specially trained now to sense when your insulin levels are dropping, just by smelling you. But they can cost up to $25,000. And sometimes you have to wait over a year to get one.

Anyway, Ian and his mom knew they had some time to raise money. So they came up with an idea to grow pumpkins this year and sell them for Halloween.

They posted photos on Facebook a few weeks ago, offering big pumpkins for $10, and smaller ones for $5. And once people found out where the money was going, they completely sold out. So that put a small dent in what they needed to raise.

But then Ian's mom realized the story might go viral after a local news outlet picked up on it last week. So she launched a Facebook fundraiser.

As of last night, random people who heard about the story had already donated over $22,000 to help them out. 

(First Coast News / MSN)

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