Things Kids Are Missing By Growing Up in Netflix Era

For whatever reason, people are Tweeting about all the things today's kids are MISSING OUT ON by growing up in the Netflix era. Here are a few highlights from the ones we saw . . .

1. "[They] will never know the high stakes adrenaline of running to the bathroom / fridge / bedroom in a single ad break . . . with a sibling screaming 'It's ONNNNNN' to send you hurdling over furniture to get back in time."

2. Someone mentioned how you'd wait to pee during the commercial, and then have someone steal your seat or take the remote while you were gone. And another said they learned to take five-minute showers so they didn't miss a show.

3. "Or the high stakes game of finding a blank tape two minutes before you realize it's on and it needs to be recorded."

4. "Or having friends on a three-way call so you could all watch the episode together as it aired.

5. "Or if you missed ONE episode; you were so screwed."

6. "Or the power goes out right in the middle of the season finale."

7. "Flipping to see what's on other channels but timing it to get back on show channel right as commercial break ended."

8. "Or timing it right so your Hot Pocket would be done by the end of the commercial break."

9. "And what if the phone rang!? The times you'd just let the machine get it."

10. "We chose what network we wanted to watch that night so we didn't need to change channels. No remotes."

11. "Or when TV Guide was its own channel and you'd have to wait for the listing you wanted to see . . . and if you looked away and missed it you had to wait minutes for it to come back around."

12. "They will also never know how it felt to watch 15 minutes of ads for a 30-minute episode."

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