School Cafeteria Served Kangaroo Meat Chili??

As you know, the average person in Nebraska subsists on a diet of two things: Corn and beef. And maybe corned beef too, I'm not sure. But their stomachs definitely aren't ready for something THIS exotic.

Some students at Potter-Dix High School and Junior High in Potter, Nebraska got sick last week after they ate the chili in the school cafeteria.

And what was in that chili? KANGAROO MEAT.

Not by accident, either. The school's head cook says he ordered kangaroo meat from their food distributor Sysco because it's LEAN and nutritious.

Now, they're pretty sure the meat wasn't TAINTED and I guess there's a chance it ISN'T what made the kids sick . . . but it really seems like there has to be a connection there. Their stomachs just weren't ready to handle kangaroo.

And the school FIRED the head cook earlier this week so . . . yeah. The school also sent a letter to parents on Wednesday promising they would never, quote, "Be serving food of this nature again. Period." 

(Sandhills Express)

Photo:  Getty Images

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