Sunday Is International Nacho Day

It's about time we had a holiday to celebrate the most important thing in life.

This Sunday is International Nacho Day. Well, technically the name is "International Day of the Nacho," but that's too ridiculous for me to say out loud a second time.

Here are a few new stats about our love of all things nacho in honor of the holiday . . .

1. 81% of people say they LOVE nachos, and another 17% say they like them. Only 0.5% of people hate them.

2. 26% of people have eaten at least a full plate of nachos in one sitting.

3. The most popular toppings are: Extra cheese . . . ground beef . . . guacamole . . . sour cream . . . and jalapenos.

4. And finally, 3% of people say they only eat nachos when they're drunk. 

(National Today)

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