Keith Urban Serenaded a Gravely Ill Fan

KEITH URBAN did a wonderful thing while on a tour stop last week in Toledo, Ohio. He surprised a gravely ill superfan named Marissa English. She's in hospice and her "health is rapidly declining."

He sat at her bedside and serenaded her . . . singing his song "Blue Ain't Your Color", which was playing on his cell phone.

At one point he held her hand and looked directly into her eyes. And then when he DID let go, she knew the song wasn't over, so she reached out for more. He gladly took her hand again, and this time even brought it to his face.

Her family posted the video on Facebook, and wrote, "Huge shout out to Keith Urban for being an awesome person and making her the happiest girl in the world." (She reaches out to grab his hand at 3:25.) 


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