Today Is National Cat Day

Today is National Cat Day. So what better time to go buy your first cat . . . or your 67th?

Anyway, here are the results from a new survey in honor of the holiday . . .

1. 44% of people say they have a cat. And of those people, around three out of five only have one cat.

2. 14% of people say they're a "cat person." 46% are a "dog person." 35% love both equally . . . and the other 5% say they don't like animals.

3. Just under half of cat owners say "I love you" to their cats.

4. 25% say their cat is their best friend.

5. And finally, women are almost three times more likely than men to say they understand what their cat is trying to say when it meows. But men are twice as likely as women to say they've trained their cat to use the toilet instead of a litter box.

(National Today)

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