Can Morgan Wallen Bring the Mullet Back?

MORGAN WALLENis on a mission to bring back the mullet, and if you've seen his, then you know he walks the walk. Turns out it's a family tradition. 

He says,quote, "I started doing it because I was looking at my mom and dad's photo album. [When] they got married, my dad had a mullet.

"So me and him pretty much look identical. If you go and put pictures of us at the same point in our life, we pretty much look the same. So I thought he looked good, so I figured maybe I could do it too."

He got all kinds of grief from his label and management when he first got the cut. And as usual, the suits were wrong. 

Quote, "Honestly, I expected people to kind of give it to me, but I did it anyway, and now it's, like, part of my brand, you know? It's like a thing."

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