Brantley Gilbert Says It's Weird When Somebody Gets a Tattoo of His Face

If you do an internet search forBRANTLEY GILBERT'stattoos . . . you're going to get a niceselectionof pics featuring him and his tats. But does he think all ink is good? Not exactly.

In a recent interview he talked about how tattoos are as unique as fingerprints and he would "never question" someone's choice of ink. And yet, there is one type of tattoo that he is NOT down with.

Quote, "[It's] extremely weird because if somebody gets my face, it's my face on somebody else's arm." So if you're a big fan, don't do that because he's going to think you're a creep. Instead, get a tattoo with his song lyrics. He likes that.

Quote, "It's flattering and one of the most rewarding things about what I do for a living when somebody says, 'Hey man, this song helped me through this' or 'I relate to this and it inspires me for this.'

"Getting a tattoo of song lyrics is an extreme form of that to me. So that's cool." 

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