Executive Who Told Luke Combs He'd "Never Be an Artist"

I swear every famous person has a story about someone who told them they'd never make it. "Hits Daily Double" askedLUKE COMBSabout his, and it's a good one. It happened when he first moved to Nashville. 

He'd already released a couple of EPs on his own, and they were selling enough to pay the rent. But what he needed was a record deal to keep the momentum going. 

Quote, "I finally got a meeting with a big publisher in town. I had'Hurricane','When It Rains It Pours','She Got the Best of Me'and a work tape of'One Number Away'on my phone. I played this guy all of it, and he says, 'I've got two things to tell you.

"'First, you need to write better songs. And, you're never gonna be an artist. No one is going to pay money to see you.'"

Luke accepted it as "constructive criticism" thinking he needed to start writing better songs, which is odd to hear because those songs are now big hits.

Meanwhile, the EPs kept selling, and word kept spreading, and then"Hurricane"blew up, and the rest is history. All of a sudden everybody wanted a piece of him. Quote, "Everything changed, except for me and the music."

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