Rascal Flatts on All the Weird Injuries They've Had While On Stage

TheRASCAL FLATTSguys were talking about all the weird injuries they've had while performing. 

Sometimes it's just them being clumsy, and other times it's because of those "pop-up toasterlifts" that artists are on as they rise from beneath the stage. (I didn't know they were called toasters either.)

Anyway, turns out that's not the safest way to make an entrance. JOE DON ROONEYsays, quote, "The toasters [are] bad. I blew my knee out. GARY[LEVOX] tweaked his knee."

The rest of the injuries cover a wide range of mishaps. He adds, quote, "We've done about everything to capture everybody's phobias on video at this point, every tour we've done. 

"We've been pulled off stage. We've fallen offstage. We've split our pants on stage. There's been blood. There's been near pass-outs. So yeah, it's a dangerous gig, but we love it." 

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