Jon Pardi Is Taking Pre-Orders for a "Heartache Medication" Belt Buckle

JON PARDIis now accepting pre-orders for a limited edition, 'Heartache Medication' BELT BUCKLE . . . and itlooks pretty sweet.

It was created by Jon's own designer Rusty Badillo . . . and it features German silver, brass, copper, and a "rhodium-plated finish with onyx black stones." It'll also have an antique finish, with a berry-bead edge, and measure four by three.

Quality doesn't come cheap. And these things will run you$225.00a pop. But they're only going to be made ONCE . . . so if you want one, you have to submit a pre-order on Jon'ssiteby the cut-off date, September 6th.

The buckles come with both CD and vinyl copies of his new album"Heartache Medication", which will be out on September 27th.

HOWEVER, I think Jon totally missed a BRILLIANT opportunity. It's called the 'Heartache Medication' buckle after his new album and single . . . but he should've also included a little compartment for your ACTUAL heartache meds.

Think about it: How AWESOME would it have been if you could just reach down, pop open a hidden compartment, and get some fast relief from Tums or Zantac or whatever. (Jon, if you're listening, add this in! Please and thank you.) (???)

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