Check Out Tim McGraw's Cover of "Drive" By the Cars

TIM MCGRAWcelebrated 'Throwback Thursday' by releasing a cover of"Drive"byTHE CARS. But it isn't a joke . . . it's actually done well, and it'll be on his next album. (Here's thelink.)

TimTweeted, quote, "I love finding cover songs for my albums. We've done'Suspicions'[byEddie Rabbit],'Tiny Dancer'[byElton John],'[When the] Stars Go Blue'[byRyan Adams] . . .

"For the next album, I really wanted to find something cool and unique. 'Drive'was one we covered in bars back in the day, and it still reminds me of high school."

It does seem like he's had some time to hone his version, which sticks close to the original . . . to the point where he doesn't even sound like himself.

By the way, it's for an upcoming album, but Tim hasn't revealed any other details about that yet. This is the first recording he's released since he put out"Thought About You"last October.

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