Over 40% of People Still Don't Have a Costume For Halloween

Halloween is less than two weeks out. And if you just thought, "Wow, I need to find a costume," you're not alone. A poll taken yesterday of 17,000 Americans found 26% of adults plan to dress up this year. But almost HALF of those people still don't know what their costume will be.

Halloween Costume Party: Brain Dead Zombie and Beautiful She Devil with Trident Pose as a Couple. In the Background Monsters Having Fun and Dancing in the Decorated Room

Photo: Getty Images

58% of people who plan to dress up said they've got a specific costume in mind, or already bought one. The other 42% still don't know what they're going as, but said they'll figure it out between now and October 31st.

Young people were the most likely to say they don't have a costume yet. Over half of people 18 to 25 who plan to wear one said they don't know what it is yet.

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