IF you missed the premier of new Rascal Flatts music, here it is now!

I was lucky enough to meet these guys for the first time a month before they released "Prayin For Daylight" in March 2000. I can still very clearly remember the first time I heard that song along with "This Everyday Love" "While You Loved Me" "I'm Movin' On' "Long Slow Beautiful Dance", " See Me Through", "From Time To Time" ...basically every track on their debut album. I was with Gary, Jay and Joe Don listening to the entire album cranked to 10 on the incredible sound mixerboard in Ocean Way Studio, where they recorded their first record in Nashville.

I knew they were going to be hugely successful but even I couldn't have predicted over 20 years later, I'd still have the thrill of World Premiering yet another new track from Rascal Flatts. Today they are doing it AGAIN with "How They Remember You." Personally it only took 30 seconds into this new song for me to feel the emotions. Very well written, poignant and very well timed heading into this Father's Day weekend.

I'd love to know what you think of the song. After you hear it on the air, share your thoughts below!


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