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Brian Kelley About FGL Split: "Really Not Holding Anything Back Anymore"

Formerly 1/2 of Florida Georgia Line, Brian Kelley released a new single called "See You Next Summer" that is climbing the charts and has a new "debut album" as a solo artists in the works.

Kelley stopped in to chat with Moote, Kimmie and Otis about the new projects he's got in the works, the new music, and breaks his silence on what happened with FGL and how COVID sort of played into their split as a group.

Kelley said when he wrote "Sunshine State Of Mind", he told Tyler Hubbard that doing solo work was a “this and that” not a “this or that” situation, but Tyler didn't really feel the same. After 2020, he thought they would continue with @floridageorgialine and mix in their own work, but "that isn’t the case right now".

Hubbard and Kelley are both working on solo things right now. Hubbard just cashed in his 2nd #1 single with "Dancing in The Country" as a solo artists. Kelly said though that "he expects that... he expects Tyler to have hit songs on Country Radio". As far as a bit of a competition for hit songs, "I see myself as my only competition", Kelly said. He's so focused on putting out the best music in his vision that he can, that he doesn't try to compete with anyone else in that manner.

Brian is an incredible artist and going to have a big year.

Brian Kelly with MKO

Photo: iHeart Atlanta/MKO

Kelley's newest single is climbing up the chart fast and could be his 1st "debut" single, as he called it, to go #1. It's called "See You Next Summer". Although his last project was more "beachy", it was just a "passion project" and he said he's really going straight forward country music on this new project. He's not going to try as many out of the box, pop driven moments as FGL was famous for.

With Brian Kelley being from Florida originally, MKO played a game they play a lot on their show called "Finish The Florida Man Headline". What made Brian Kelly say "Oh S**t!" in shock... Listen:

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