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Jason Aldean's Highlight Of His Year Was "Having Toby [Keith] Out On Stage"

CMA Fest 2023 - Day 3

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Moote, Kimmie, and Otis talked with Georgia Country's biggest star of 2023 Jason Aldean. He just released his 11th studio album "Highway Desperado". Aldean talks about the highlight of this entire year, hitting the top of the Billboard all genres chart for the 1st time ever, his disappointment in MLB and Braves, plus plays a game with us about his home State Of Georgia. 

Aldean said despite all of the success of "Try That In A Small Town", the real highlight of his year was bringing Toby Keith on stage to preform with him on Oklahoma City. Aldean said "it was just one of those special nights that I won't forget for forever!"

He was at Lakewood Amphitheater this past August and said it's always fun coming back home and "seeing all the baseball players I've met through the years, they all come out to that show." Aldean isn't real happy his Braves got shut out of the playoffs early saying, "I'm not a big fan of how they do the playoff stuff. I mean I liked it better when the wild card was one game." He is still believes in his UGA Bulldogs to grab a three-peat for Championships this year though. "Till someone knocks them off the thrown, they're who everybody's gunning for".

Listen to more with Jason Aldean and hear what song he REALLLY wants you to hear from his new album "Highway Desperado":

See the full tracklist for Highway Desperado below:

  1. “Tough Crowd”
  2. “Let Your Boys Be Country”
  3. “Knew You’d Come Around”
  4. “Hungover In a Hotel”
  5. “Try That In a Small Town”
  6. “Whiskey Drink”
  7. “Whose Rearview”
  8. “I’m Over You”
  9. “Rather Watch You”
  10. “Breakup Breakdown”
  11. “Get Away From You”
  12. “Changing Bars”
  13. “From This Beer On”
  14. “Highway Desperado”
Jason Aldean Album

Photo: Broken Bow Records Album Cover

Aldean is from the great state of Georgia, so MKO played a fun game of Georgeopardy with him. See how he faired in the game with questions about his hometown of Macon, The Dawgs, and even the CMA awards:

Aldean said in the interview that "Whose Rearview" was the song he loves playing live recently and wants fans to hear the most. It was featured on "New And Notable" with Kimmie Caruba this morning as well.

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