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Shinedown Teases Potential Jelly Roll Collab

Shinedown is still in disbelief that they own the most Rock #1's in Billboard history and tease potentially working with Jelly Roll.

The band Shinedown "has 19 number one singles on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, more than any other band. All of their singles have also reached the top five on the chart," according to Billboard. Brent and Zach said "it doesn't feel real...it feels like monopoly money. It's fun to carry around but you can't spend it anywhere." They don't feel up to the ranks of rock band like the Beatles, Tom Petty, Aerosmith.. ect., but their accolades keep growing.

"A Symptom of Being Human" is crushing up the pop chart as a cross-over hit. It's their 1st time back in the pop radio world since their #1 "Second Chance" and they are excited for the growth. Brent said the song is about mental health but he's "finding fans are telling them it's sort of a reset too".

You may be surprised that one of the guys is a big Taylor Swift fan and talked about his favorite song from #TTPD. They also teased that there may be something in the works with another superstar... Jelly Roll. "Yeah, that's being discussed... He is the most deserving person who has the position he is in over anyone I've ever met."

Hear more now:

The guys also played a little game called "Fast 5" with Otis as well.

Shinedown 5 Quick Questions:

Best Foreign Food, Favorite Tattoo, Geek Out Thing, and more

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